Who qualifies for junior college?


Who qualifies for junior college? Our people perish due to lack of knowledge.  I usually do not address negative people or naysayers.  But I will like to educate people that want to criticize. Most people do not understand that there are academic requirements that student  athletes must obtain and standardize test that they must pass to obtain an athletic D1 scholarship. In addition to being able to play at a high aptitude of skill level  to receive a D1 scholarship from a college or university. In order to qualify for D1 colleges and universities you must be able to complete the NCAA clearinghouse. Many urban and rural students athletes posses the athleticism but struggle  academically or have problems passing standardized testing.

Junior colleges allow these students who struggle academically or need that extra year or two to improve on their skill level the chance to play the sport that they love and maintain a quality education and the ability to still obtain a D1 or D2 scholarship after completion. Our program has been able to help young men and women to transitions from junior colleges to major D1 programs. Our program has placed over 5,ooo student athletes into colleges and universities for over 10 years through our traveling programs, events, leagues and camps.

Instead of criticizing programs that work, become an advocate for local middle schools and high schools. Become a tutor or volunteer your time instead of criticizing students and programs that work. Start a foundation and help educate students and parents that don’t value education. We would love to answer any questions regarding your child’s specialized needs for recruitment and  requirements for college .