Mandatory NCAA Registration

Coaches, it is mandatory to get certified to attend NCAA Certified events. We showcase the most elite talent in the Midwest and beyond. Don't miss out!

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Discover Your Next Star Player 

Where Champions are Made

BYF Sport's motto, "Where Champions are Made" is based in fact. Our tournaments are like anvils.

There is a reason only the Elite come to play at our events. These youth wanted to be scouted and they play like it.

All Grade Levels, Girls and Boys

BYF Sports hosts basketball exposure events for 2nd to 12th grade for both girls and boys. Our events attract schools from all over the US, even as far away as California. Our tournaments are well organized and many, like the Nike Spring Showdown and Summer Jam, are extremely well known.

Basketball Exposure Events

Elite talent flocks to BYF Empowerment Foundation's events to play against their peers and sharpen their skills. Coaches, time and again, have found their best players by coming to our events.

BYF Sports Offers the Best Recruits the best Basketball Exposure

Talent Converges

We host the Nike Spring Showdown and the Chicago Summer Jam, two very famous tournaments. Our well known name makes us the place that talent comes back to again and again.

Honey Pot

Where the players rock, the media follows and the other coaches are sure to be. Do not be left out with all the best picks already heavily scouted.