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Kaye Clark brings a New Era to Old Dominion

BYFs Very Own Stars in Her New Role.

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Julius Rodgers Capitalizes on a Second Chance

Julius Rogers graduated high school he didn’t have all his ducks in a row. Rogers was a sufficient student-athlete, but not a star at either to be able to go on to the next level. However, here at BYF, we believe that every student deserves an education. With that being said, we got Julian enrolled at Arkansas…

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Sydney Taylor is Black Excellence

Howard Grad, Goldman Sachs, need we say more?

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BYF Alumni spreads her wings at Kansas

Taiyanna Jackson joined the Baylor Youth Foundation as an 8th Grader. As she struggled to find her footing in the classroom, she always dominated on the hardwood. Through guidance and maturity, Taiyanna found solace at the college prep school she attended after leaving her public school program after her freshman year. Following her high school…

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DJ Johnson

BYF’s DJ Johnson, 6’9 has been with BYF since the 8th grade. He was a part of our St. Louis team. He earned a basketball scholarship to Kansas State University. Played professional basketball for Greek Basketball League, Santa Cruz Warriors and now he will be close to home and be playing for the Grand Rapids…

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American Conference Honor Roll

Asia Strong is not just an elite athlete. She is getting it done in the classroom. She is the true definition of a student athlete. She has been acknowledge by the American Athletic Conference two years in a roll. Asia has scored a double double In the opening season games. We expect to see her…

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Come to our Midwest basketball tournaments and be seen by college coaches all over the United States. We put your player profile directly into their hands when they arrive at the event.


We are covered by major media outlets, too. Thousands of top athletes have been scouted at our events.


Even during the non Certified Event college exposure season, when you play in a Baylor Tournament or at any event, you will play against Elite competition. In order to be the best, you must play with the best!  We will prepare your team for the upcoming AAU basketball tournaments season!


Are You the Best? Then Prove it! Where Champions are made. Here at the Baylor Tournaments.

Division I and Division II coaches love our exposure Basketball Tournaments and College Exposure events because they know that Baylor Basketball Youth Foundation attracts top talent. We have over 50 NBA, NFL, MLB and WNBA players that are  Alumni from our events and our direct program!

Join the many elite teams that participate in our event to get exposure.  We have an excellent facilities and hotel accommodation. Visit our tournament page to view our upcoming events.  We sell out on each event.

We attract talent from, but not limited to, Texas, Colorado, Canada, Michigan, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Kansas, Virginia,  Louisiana, California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Tennessee, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, New York, Oregon, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Turkey, Belgium, Puerto Rico,  and of course every inch of Illinois and Indiana.

The Proceeds Fund Mentoring Programs


We have a 100% High School Graduation rate and approximately 99% our mentored youths in our program receive athletic scholarship to colleges and universities of higher learning.

What truly makes our basketball tournaments is the experience and the exposure that we provide. Baylor's  basketball events bring that and  so much more, we  attract the top talent and so bring in college coaches  to recruit at all levels.

Baylor Youth Foundation is a 501c3  not for profit charity, that started in 2001. It was form out of the passion of Toi Baylor. She herself was an traveling coach and former Athletic Director and women's college assistant coach.



We feature top basketball player profiles in the midwest and attendees of our basketball tournaments. These elite players shine at our Certified Events and Basketball tournaments. We have featured thousand of talented high school players that rank nationally over the years.

College Exposure


You get major college exposure at our live events and basketball tournaments, guaranteed.

College Events

We feature the top exposure events throughout the midwest and bring in the most college coaches to our basketball tournaments. These elite players shine at our College Exposure and LIVE Basketball tournaments. We have featured thousand of talented high school players that are rank nationally over the years.


College Coach's Clinic

An In-Depth Look at Women's Basketball Today: Gain Knowledge from Some of the Best in the Business

Covering Recruitment, Careers, Mental Health, Player Development and Every Topic You would like to discuss.
We will have morning and evening sessions 


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Youth Basketball Camps

 Our youth basketball camps reach across borders and bring together kids from different areas to learn and play together.

Baylor Local League

We have the most Competitive Youth Basketball League in Illinois. 10 Basketball games guaranteed, plus a Championship Playoff! Play 2-3 games, Sundays only.

Bringing Opportunity to Inner City Youth


Changing Lives Through Sports Mentoring. Providing academic support, expanding horizons and exposing youth to college coaches and getting basketball scholarships.

You Can Make a Difference

Every dollar counts. We ensure that disadvantaged youth graduate High School and can travel to college interviews with the money you provide. Help today.

Sponsor a Baylor Event!


You get major college exposure at our NCAA Certified Events and basketball tournaments, guaranteed.