Baylor Girls finished their seasons with over 60 mid to high-major D1 scholarships offers


Baylor Girls finished their seasons with over  60 mid to high-major D1 scholarships offers. The girls displayed their talent and competed very well during the July NCAA live events. The girls are truly grateful and humble while looking forward to visiting and meeting the staff at their potential college and universities.  We have visited over 10 universities and learned a great deal about each unique experiences at these universities. We will be hitting the road again as we will be trying to find the right fit for each player.

We will also like to congratulate all of the 2013 graduates who are currently at their respective colleges and universities.Baylor Youth has placed over 32 student athletes (that we have record) into colleges and universities for the 2013 year. We placed eleven young women into junior college across the country this season. We are looking for big things from these young ladies. We know that these young people will be successful in their new journeys in life and become apart of the  elite group of educated young men and women. Baylor Youth love assisting these student athletes throughout their transformation to higher educations. These young people are playing the sport that they love while obtaining a quality education. As a student athletes these experiences will help them to  develop character, discipline, leadership, confidence and humanity while becoming productive adults.



BYF  looks forward to informing you on the success stories of theses young ladies and young men that represent our program.   Baylor Youth Foundation will be hosting several exposure camps for individuals and teams to participate during the last live period for girls on September 28-29, 2013 and the East vs. West Camp on November 2-3, 2013 for boys. We also will be hosting our winter basketball league as well as our upcoming tournaments. We hope to see you on the court!