Nojel Eastern shaking up the Big Ten


We are so proud of Nojel Eastern who will be headed to the University of Michigan under Illinois’s own ex-NBA Legend Juwan Howard. Nojel will learn and grow under Coach Howard’s leadership.

Nojel Eastern has always been a very talented young man. He was blessed with a gift at a very young age. He always played up 2-3 levels during traveling ball. He has always remained humble.

We were fortunate to have Nojel apart of our program in his early years. Nojel was apart of our team when we won AAU Nationals. He begin his childhood years player with the Illinois Future out of Evanston.

Coach Davis put so much training and energy into so many young men in Evanston. I always credit him for so much success for these athletes. People only want to give credit to all the coaches at the end of the success for any athlete to growth. He had so many people that have invested time and energy. We are looking forward for him to continue to develop and learn from a pro.

Nojel stepping up & taking one of our current players to prom.

We have been supporting him since he was in the 4th grade and will continue to support him as he advance to the next level. What God has for you no man can take from you! We will keep you in our prayers and will be watching during 2020-21 season.

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