Girls Winter Blast Basketball Tournament

Best Choice United Winter Blast Tournament
Cameron Williams Winter Blast Tournament

Cameron Williams -Mac Irvin Fire 8th Grader

The Girl’s Winter Blast Basketball Tournament was loaded with talented teams from Illinois, Indianapolis, Lafayette and Northwest Indiana. We had girls traveling AAU Teams as well as local teams participating in this annual event. We will be hosting the 3rd Annual Girls Winter Blast Basketball tournament again next year!

When I tell you we had talent and height  in the building, you had to be here to see if for yourself.  We had over eight six footers in the building who were  just in the 8th grade. One of our outstanding players was Cameron Williams who is the daughter of former NBA star Aaron Williams who played for the New Jersey Nets.  He was in the building showing support.  We encourage all girls basketball teams to come back and participate in our Girl’s All Star Event on April 9-10  and Girl’s Big Time Exposure Event NCAA Approved on April 22-24. We will have over 75

8th Lafayette Blue Chip Winter Blast Tournament

8th Lafayette Blue Chip

girls basketball teams from across the country.

Girls Basketball continues to grow in our area and the younger players continue to shine more and more. We want to continue to bring as much exposure to girls basketball in our area. We want to continue bringing quality basketball tournaments to this area and throughout the Midwest! If you want to be the best, you must play the best, is BYF Sports motto. So, do not miss out on a fun and upcoming competitive basketball tournaments.