Following Your Dreams


BYF has placed over 5K student athletes into college since 2001. The pandemic has alter the way we have traditionally dealt with recruitment. It has brought on uncertain and stressful time for many student athletes and their parents.

We are still assisting student athletes from 2020 prep and transfers. The high school boys 2021 classes is getting hit the hardest during this pandemic. But what God has for YOU, no man or situation can hinder it.

We want to congratulate Kendall Martin on his new journey to Cali. He has continue to show off his remarkable skills and mental toughness throughout the summer and continues to display his unique talent. A true PG and floor general who can knock it down anywhere on the floor. He plays both end of the floor and can create for himself and others. I enjoyed watching him and his team this summer. Apart from this, he has played in his first game and proven why he deserve to follow his dreams. He turned down two junior colleges and decided to take the Prep route. We look to hear big things with big results. He has already proven himself with getting a write up from sports writers on the west coast. With now D1 college coaches following! We will keep you posted on his next phase.