Baylor Winter League Championship 2012-2013


The season ended with a blast! The underdogs who had been defeated final reveal that they have talent. And it does not matter what level you start at, it only matters where you finish. So, congratulation to all the teams for their victories. And we hope to see you all next year!

Championship Results



4th Grade Region Elite
5th Grade Region Elite
6th Grade Gold Rush Wildcats
7th Grade DI   Ball Hogs
7th Grade DII  Energy
8th Grade D1  Steger Basketball
8th Grade DII  I Cann Ballers
HS Illinois Xpress

Runners Up

4th Grade Panthers
5th Grade Indiana MVP
6th Grade Region Elite
7th Grade D1   SYF Region Elite
7th Grade DII  Windy City Magic
8th Grade D1  SYF
8th Grade DII Steger Red
HS  East West BB

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