All Star College Exposure Event


Champaign Wolverines 8th ChampsThe All Star College Exposure Event was held on April 5-7, 2013. Our All Star College Exposure Event brought in over 85 teams from 8 different states including Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and  Georgia. The Allstar event is a two and one event. The highlight of the event is for unsigned seniors. They get a chance to play in front of college coaches to receive a possible scholarships. This a free event for the unsigned senior and college coaches.

We have four games designated for unsigned seniors which allows them to play a total of two games in the event. The games are stream live  on I-High networks for college coaches that are not present to watch live or at their convenience. We had over 120 seniors that participated this year. Majority of the participants are from Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois  with the exception of a small group from Indiana, St. Louis and Wisconsin.   We want to continue the tradition of hosting this successful event and to make this bigger and better every year. all star flyer (2)

The All Star College Exposure event has been hosted by Baylor Youth Foundation for over eight years. This events has open the doors for young men and ladies who would not necessary get the chance to receive a scholarship. It gives me great honor to be giving back to our young people who’s dream is to play college basketball. The 6th-11th grade traveling teams receive  the extra bonus of the exposure by playing their teams in the the event.

We brought  in 70 NAIA & Junior  college coaches for 10 different states. Over 500 scholarships have been awarded from this event up to date.



7th Grade Champaign Wolverines
8th Grade Champaign Wolverines
9th Grade St. Louis Baylor
10th Grade QC Thunder
11th Grade World Class Basketball
7th Grade Girls Lafayette Bluechip
8th Grade Girls Example Sports
11th Grade Girls Baylor 2015



Runners Up

7th Grade Example Sports
8th Grade World Class Basketball
9th Grade Example Sport
10th Grade Gold Rush Tigers
11th Grade Windy City Magic
7th Grade Girls Baylor 2018
8th Grade Girls Baylor 2017
11th Grade SB Lady Hoops