2013 East vs. West All Star Game


The East vs. West All Star Game featured the most talented young men from across the country. We have players from Washington, California, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, Alabama & Maryland.

2013 Winners for the All Star Game held @ the University of Illinois 

4th Grade

Zion Harmon MVP for the East (Score 47 pts)

4th Grade West

Vaughn Pemberton MVP

5th Grade – West

Marcus Fitzgerald

Namari Burnett

5th Grade – East

Dimingus  Stevens

Mike Saunders

6th Grade

Brandon Vernon

6th Grade

Kobe Brown

7th Grade East

Maurice Commanders

7th Grade West

Marquis Brown – West

8th Grade

Tommie Harin – West

Charles Barbour – East



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